French Breakfast

Icicle Radishes

Your "Basic" round radishes

Black Radish

We have so many varieties of radishes that you'll see in your share - various colors in the ball shape, White Icicle, French Breakfast (long red and white), Black (rough black outside, white inside, larger), Watermelon Radishes (round, white-ish/greenish outside, pink inside), Daikon (variety of large white radishes that can grow to a foot long; we try to keep them at 4-8 inches). Radishes are members of the brassica family along with cauliflower and turnips.

Storage: Keep in a bag in the fridge. Use the radish tops within 3 days. The radish roots will keep for weeks.

Preparation: Wash leaves thoroughly and add to salads or saute slightly. Scrub the roots and chop, grater, or slice as needed.
Watermelon Radishes

Radish and Avocado Sandwich

Radish Top Soup

Pan Roasted Radishes


Thai Corn Chowder

Spring Vegetable Flat Bread

Pan Cooked Grated Vegetables and Crunchy Fish

Daikon-Carrot Slaw   

Daikon Latkes

Sauteed Daikon     

Pickled Daikon 

Sauteed Daikon Leaves

Spicy Quick Pickled Radishes

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